Is it time to take a flexible approach to testing?

Software…One of those things; we use it regularly and we rely on it daily, often we take it for granted, safe in the knowledge that it does exactly what it is designed to do.

But what happens if it doesn’t..?

Well the problem could be any number of countless things, and this article isn’t the time or place to list them all. Let’s just say for now that quality assurance is a very big deal, as much for software as for any other aspect of a business or organisation.

That is because software is not like any other aspect of your business. Issues with quality, security, reliability and compatibility aren’t always obvious and you may need short term support to ensure every program and every software package is running correctly in your unique environment.

For those tasked with quality assurance, software testing in such a wildly varying field presents challenges. An approach that works securely and efficiently with one organisation might be impractical for the next, as every business is as unique as the people they employ.

The best way, the only way to provide the very best service to all organisations is to treat each one individually, to realise and embrace the fact that what works well for one, might not for the other. FlexiQA has a framework model called MASS which does just that, acting as a baseline to build upon for a flexible approach whilst ensuring that certain safeguards of quality are maintained.

That is the concept at the heart of FlexiQA and our MASS framework model. In our field of software testing, not only is it the best way; our experience has taught us it is the only way…

But it isn’t just about the software, plans can change too, tools and resources can and do vary from business to business, and sometimes ‘life’ just happens. Would a black and white approach under such circumstances work?

With flexible solutions and an ethos of working with our clients, of ascertaining their individual needs and working with them as people, our MASS framework is backed up by experience and robust quality safeguards empowering us to deliver.

This ethos of flexibility and reacting to each project as a unique entity achieves two things; It contributes to continuous improvement by helping our clients to become more in-line with their testing and empowers flexibility and solutions as their projects progress.

As a company our flexible MASS framework model means we can take each of our experiences and apply them to every project we work on, allowing us to deliver a service that continually improves software quality, in a way that works best for the unique and individual organisations with whom we work and build rich, productive relationships that gain trust and peace of mind for our clients.

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