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We have designed a new framework model called MASS.  Ensuring that the same Quality is delivered each and every time.

Our Modern, Adaptable, Software Solution – MASS is the framework for all of our services. With our self-defined Quality Safeguards, the highest standards are built into the framework, allowing Flexi QA to apply these to our four cornerstones of project delivery. By using our Quality Safegaurds, we have developed the ability to introduces flexible testing practices, proven to benefit the QA program. We have created a tailored, executable delivery model bringing confidence to your company.

By progressing through our cornerstones it allows us the opportunity to perform our flex mapping activities, which is used to customise our clients delivery structure for each phase that testing is involved in.

With a Framework designed to cater for a variety of requests, MASS brings confidence to the users by delivering quality throughout.

We like to get it right the first time round, and to do this you must get the fundamentals correct from the start. An early engagement with Flexi QA ensures that your testing solution has the building blocks for success. By following our Project Discovery and Preparation cornerstones, we’re able to both analyse and  prepare for what we may need to do to help improve your current QA Process or lay the foundations for a new project. At Flexi QA, we want to ensure that we implement a framework that continues to work and makes future releases run smoothly into production.

We’re bringing Quality Assurance out of the shadows by re-inserting Testing Activities early into the project life cycle.

Although not a pre-requsite for providing our services, there are many advantages to bringing Flexi QA on board early, the more analysis that is conducted, the greater the understanding between project teams . With our “Test Early and Verify” approach, our clients can experience Key benefits that range from a less ambiguous, shared understanding of the requirement catalogue, to having the ability to define Test Cases early. This all helps to reduce future effort and the time taken to release, whilst reducing the risk of possible rework further down the line.

Our Modern approach and Industry understanding allow us to tailor your needs. Some of the key benefits that our clients can experience are:



Industry Certified Resources

All of our consultants are ISTQ/ISEB certified.

Structured Approach To Testing

Achieved by using our MASS framework model.

Progress Transparency

Ensuring clients have an up to date view of progress being made.

Stakeholder Showcases

Technical jargon reduced, with understandable demonstrations.

Controlled Planning and Execution

A co-ordinated assessment and delivery.

Reduced Project Costs

Helping to save money by reducing re-work and driving an efficient test cycle.

Confidence In Safeguards

Elements built into the MASS framework model ensure that quality is protected.

Professional Documentation

Industry respected documentation is able to be produced by all our consultants.

Increased Flexibility

The MASS framework model introduces flexible qualities through adaptation