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We demonstrate a sound understanding of your project through upfront detailed analysis to help discover the scope and limitations of the project.

By bringing real skills to the table we have the ability to detect early defects and deficiencies within Applications and Requirements, which is proven to reduce downtime and long term production costs. We believe that we have established ourselves as a modern company that can relate to our client’s requirements without the need to complicate projects, or confuse stakeholders with Technical Jargon whilst delivering Quality Assurance.

We’ve redefined Quality Assurance, making flexible services accessible to all players…

With ISEB/ISTQB certified consultants and experience driven directors who have been helping clients improve their software for many years, Flexi QA offers in-depth knowledge when providing software quality solutions which can be tailored for any size organisation.

Here at Flexi QA, one of our Core values is to offer a robust and flexible solution to ensure that all aspects of quality assurance has been met in a way that works best for your organisation. We have designed a unique framework model called MASS which allows all of our consultants to support and deliver outstanding quality in a way that complements your new, or existing project.

We have introduced ourselves to a wider audience this year so we can continue to bring our success to our clients, both new and existing.

We’re a professional organisation, bringing flexible solutions to the front line and we have increasingly seen rigid structures and approaches no longer being an effective way to implement Software Quality into an organisation. Our Company is built on the foundations of flexibility and understanding, focusing expertise from the many years of providing software testing skills to market leaders. This has allowed us to understand and experience first hand, the challenges faced in the Tech industry emphasising the need for a transformation in Quality Assurance.

Flexi QA has proudly based itself in the Midlands, an effective location to have presence with our clients and enables us to be central to all of our UK operations. We are also working on expansion into the Government Digital Marketplace bringing services to the public sector, reinforcing our mission which it to use our expertise to modernise the way we all look at Quality Assurance.

Our vision is a re-calibration of the generic and outdated approaches to testing, creating a more effective solution for our clients by reducing costs through early testing and delivering a quicker, more tailored result utilising our MASS framework Model.

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