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We know how integral IT platforms have become, and we are proud to have the services in place to be able to provide testing and support for all businesses

It’s no secret that time and time again, there has been avoidable IT meltdowns by major organisations because they overlooked the need to use the correct Quality Assurance measures when it mattered the most, This resulted  in frustrated end users and huge financial losses. Flexi QA use 20 years of  Testing and Project experience including our lessons learnt, to ensure that  every software delivery is a success.

Flexi QA Services

We appreciate that it’s important to offer on-site collaborations with real presence and attend face to face meetings to help support real time results, so we fulfill this need by having readily available resources to deploy.

When our consultants are on site, they have access to our open support community that Flexi QA hosts, empowering them with the wisdom and knowledge of the entire organisation, providing an additional benefit to all Flexi QA consultants.

Within this fast paced industry, we believe that we have captured the best practices within quality assurance and can offer a clear solution which is based on flexibility and understanding that one size does not fit all, allowing us to steer away from old fashioned, ridged ways of working. By choosing Flexi QA you can be confident that we have a solution that is compatible and effective.

We offer a flexible service range and we tailor everything according to our clients needs.

Functional or ‘Manual’ Testing can never be fully replaced by automation as human interaction is critical in determining overall fitness for purpose. Safeguarding Quality is at the forefront of our intentions and we do all that is possible to detect Defects Early in the Design and Development stage through complete initial analysis and taking a ‘Test Early and Verify’ Approach.

Mobile Testing is a hot topic these days, as companies want to be able reach their customers on there hand held devices wherever they are in the world. We have  experience in this field:

  • Configuration Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Usability and Interface testing

Good Defect Management is essential for a successful project , we manage and follow up on the status of your defects through to resolution either on site or remotely.

  • Plan and implement a suitable Defect Management Lifecycle
  •  Retest defects and provide test evidence
  • Steer defect resolution meetings
  • Track progress of Defect Fixes
  • Provide defect statistics per project.

Not all of our clients require our engagement on long standing projects, but would rather take advantage of our handy PPT services.

PPT is a new flexible service offering in which individual tasks can be undertaken by us instead of pulling your staff  away from other important work or needing to hire a resource for a extended period of time.

With no long contract periods, Pay Per Task is ideal for those times when all you need is a little assistance to get you over the line.

Our PPT services can typically include any of the following tasks:

  • In depth Requirement Analysis
  • Professional Document creation eg Test Plan/Approaches/Strategies
  • Bespoke Test Scoping / Coverage discovery
  • Comprehensive UAT Training
  • All phases of Test Prep/Execution and reporting
  • Complete Defect Management
  • Test tool Configuration

With large multifaceted systems used in companies, performing Non-Functional Testing can really have its benefits. Whether you require Test Automation for creating regression suites and replicating high risk scenarios at the push of a button, Performance and Load/Stress testing for checking that your web applications, servers and databases can cope with anticipated traffic or even Security testing for ensuring that your system is safe from online threats , We can certainly help.

Our UAT testing is unbiased and focused on an end users point of view, our goal is to determine whether the application will perform under daily operation

We check to ensure the following:

  • Users are able to continue their usual activities on the application as normal.
  • Users are able to navigate through the application journeys in a simple but intuitive way
  • Business as usual will continue to function without disruption

As times change, the use of Agile and DevOps has become increasingly popular, however Agile is not a one size fits all approach especially when throwing a DevOps strategy into the mix.

Certain elements of the methodology can be adapted to suit the projects overall delivery style. We are experts at working with the Agile methodology and have a unique ability to customise Agile concepts to create a flavour of the methodology that keeps your software development and testing in sync and continuous whilst ensuring that the approach is not complicated by unnecessary ideologies.

We are a Solution Orientated organisation that achieves end results by working together with the client to ensure full test coverage and establish the Risks involved when implementing new IT Solutions into your business.


What if i can't find the service im looking for?

We live and breathe testing, there isn't much we can't do

Why not reach out to us to discuss your needs, we love new challenges.

Can you supply staff at short notice?


All of our consultants are ISEB certified.

Can you join an existing project?

Absolutely, we can engage at all stages of the project.

Using our MASS model, we can adapt to any project state.

Can you help us avoid missing our deadline?

No problem, we can get you to where you need to be.

Our Consultants use a risk based approach for situations just like this.

How do you make a flexible solution?

MASS is designed to adapt to your delivery approach

Flexible in the way we deliver, whilst keeping the safeguards of Quality Assurance in place.

Do you offer any staff training?

We work with our clients teams and can teach core skills.

We’re happy to help our clients train for success.

Flexi QA Passion and Quality

Because of our passion for quality, we like to strategically implement our delivery model, beginning with  initial analysis right through to post production support.

Our Quality Assurance takes place at the highest Standards and ensures all is compliant with the ISO 9001 family. By using our services it will help to ensure that Projects can continue to run On Time, In Budget and within the defined Scope.

We Offer expert consultants who will plan and manage your software testing activities, or work with you according to your own desired approach. We can integrate with your teams to promote a collaborative environment and share our knowledge and lessons learnt to help improve the way you test software.

Our Current Certificates